Three Unusual Liquor Laws in the US


There are a few topics that always spark a bit of controversy and alcohol is definitely one of them. We all have our opinions on whether or not drinking is a bad thing, but probably one thing we can agree on is that it’s best drank in moderation. In keeping with that theory many US states have enacted laws to control or curtail the sale of liquor. Some of these may surprise you just a little bit while others will leave you scratching your head in disbelief.

Kentucky Bourbon’s Not for Everyone

Some of the finest bourbon in the world is made in Kentucky, but that doesn’t mean you can buy it there. Roughly 1/3 of all Kentucky counties are dry counties which means the sale of alcohol is completely prohibited. That means many of the places where traditional Kentucky bourbon is made can’t sell the product in any stores. Fortunately the state has passed a law allowing historic sites to sell alcohol. Don’t fret. If you’re heading out on a tour of a famous old Kentucky distillery chances are you will be able to take a souvenir bottle home.

Out of Sight in Utah

Anyone who knows anything about Utah is well aware of their strict Mormon traditions. This is a state that takes corruption of minors very seriously. While state law makers haven’t completely banned the sale of alcohol in public places they have placed strict guidelines to govern how alcohol is served. When pouring a pint the bar person must keep the process out of view of the public behind some kind of partition. The idea is to prevent alcohol from being a temptation for teenagers or a distraction for people that prefer to abstain. One question they haven’t answered though is how you prevent one patron seeing another one enjoying a cold one after it’s been poured.

Brown Bagging it in Georgia

I remember a few years back there was a bit of controversy over the London Underground changing its rules to prevent drinking while on a train. Londoner’s were a bit upset, but they moved on pretty quickly. London isn’t the only jurisdiction that allows drinking in public places though. The state of Georgia also allows the practise – as long as your bottle of liquor is concealed in a brown bag. Each city is allowed to make up its own laws, but it’s not unusual to see people walking down the street sipping on their favorite bottle of scotch in public.