The Most Prestigious US Law Schools


There are a lot of great schools in the U.S. and you can get a good education at almost all of them, but in any category there are always a few that far outshine the rest. When it comes to the study of law, there are some clear winners – most of them are Ivy League schools. Obtaining your law degree from one of these prestigious schools almost guarantees elite opportunities once you’re ready to start practicing law. Here are the top law schools in the U.S. to which every aspiring attorney dreams of being accepted.

Yale Law School

The cream of the crop is Yale Law School. Almost all of its graduates are successfully accepted to the bar, and the professors that are attracted to its program are second to none. In fact, Yale’s been at the top of the ranking for law schools since 1994 – an impressive run. Yale ranks near the top in every statistical category, including the most successful job placement after graduation, but their ranking is about more than just statistics. Yale is a school with a rich history and that’s why it attracts some of the best students and professors in the country.

Stanford Law School

Not far behind Yale is Stanford Law School for many of the same reasons. It also happens to be located in sunny California, which doesn’t hurt its cause. If you want a good education and a good tan, you can’t beat Stanford. The school was established in the 19th century, so it has a rich history to back it up as well. Most prospective law students are lining up for a chance to study at Stanford Law School. Unfortunately for most of them, the criteria for acceptance are quite high. Only the best of the best get into this school.

Harvard Law School

While not typically ranked at the top of the law school list Harvard Law is consistently on the tail of both Yale and Stanford. It is easily one of the most famous law schools in the world and, as such, it attracts the best students. There’s a lot of prestige associated with being a graduate of Harvard Law School and that’s part of the reason it’s such a popular choice. You need to score near the top of the LSAT rankings, though, if you’re going to have any chance of getting into Harvard Law.